What is Ginseng (PANAX)?

Ginseng (PANAX) is a DeFi aggregator with arbitration incentives, on-chain composable governance, built-in buybacks, and transaction batching.

Simply put, Ginseng is bringing the best features of many DeFi platforms and combining them together to streamline and bring DeFi to the masses.


The name Panax, meaning “all-healing” in Greek. We aren’t saying that DeFi is “broken” but we are saying that we all could use some healing!

What is a DeFi aggregator?

Farming yields vary greatly across different lending programs; aggregators help investors get the highest yield possible.

What is on-chain composable governance?

On-Chain Composable governance is the ability for platform users to vote on proposals, reach a quorum, and then if a positive outcome is achieved potentially change the existing protocol and parameters without the need for contract or code updates.

What are build-in buybacks?

A portion of the yield generated by the Ginseng aggregator is utilized to perform automated buybacks. This creates token price stability and a profit sharing model

What is transaction batching?

Batched transactions allow the Ginseng platform to perform multiple transaction in a single on-chain transaction thereby saving on Ethereum network gas and slippage fees.

Simply put, farming yields can be substantially increased by utilizing known reward epochs and an off-chain batcher.

Connect With Us!

Ginseng Capital and the PANAX Token are launching soon! In the mean time, please feel to connect with us on our various social platforms!

- Ginseng Team

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